Mark Viola

Mark Viola

Software Developer


University of Toronto

Bachelors of Science

2018 (expected)

Specialist: Computer Science
Major: Mathematics

Work Experience

University of Toronto
Teaching Assistant (Sep 2016 - Dec 2016)

University of Toronto
Software Developer (May 2016 - Aug 2016)


Languages: C, C++, Java, Python

Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js

Environment: Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio, CodeBlocks

Other: git, Agile, SQLite, MongoDB, XML, Arduino, SolidWorks, Material Design



Developed a web app that allows for student to more easily visualize the courses that they need to take to graduate, by displaying it in a tree graph. Users can register and login to also leave a review on courses they have taken.

  • JavaScript, React, MongoDB

Report Card

Developed an Android app that allows users to keep track of their school grades by sorting them by semester, courses, and grade divs. Implemented principles of Material Design. Utilized SQLite to save user information that persists after program shutdown.

  • Java, XML, SQLite

Watched It

Developed a desktop app that allows the user to aggregate all movies in the user's hard drive to be more easily displayed/rated/played. Uses web client to scrape data from IMDB to populate movie information.

  • C#